Whenever one says “No offense..” it’s usually because what they are about to say is offensive and just want a nice way to go about it. But I promise you, what I’m about to say comes from a genuinely inoffensive place.  No offense, but I will never date/marry someone who already has a child. And … More Stepmoms!


While working out a sweat at the gym, I received a call from Jane. After I had stared blankly at the phone with no intention to pick up, I sent her a text that I’d call her after my work-out session. She responded with the news of her dog’s death, she was distraught and needed … More Loss

67 Days of noble deeds

As I drove out of the Estate this morning, a lady was arguing with security at the gate. She needed to enter, but her Madam was not answering her phone. “uMadam uthe ngize namuhla” (the madam said I must come today), she kept shouting. Security kept saying “akaphenduli uMadam, asikwazi ukuvula” (Madam is not answering, … More 67 Days of noble deeds